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    Melanovus Oncology is developing novel new therapeutics to treat metastatic melanoma. The Melanovus approach is both novel and unique, and targets the multiple pathways involved in melanoma using a single agent. These First-In-Class compounds are called Multi-Target Inhibitors (MTIs). Our lead compound, Nanolipolee-007 attacks the tumor through the PI3 kinase, MAP kinase, STAT, B-RAF and other key pathways in melanoma development and progression........ Learn more about this unique opportunity.
    • Product Pipeline

      The company’s portfolio addresses treatment, diagnosis, post surgical adjuvant therapy, possible prevention of melanoma and includes multiple compounds with demonstrated pre-clinical activity in animal studies at various stages of melanoma. These First-In-Class compounds are well differentiated by their ability to recognize the highly important AKT3 pathway, which has been described as a “master switch” in melanoma progression. Nanolipolee-007 is the most advanced of these compounds and could enter phase I trials in the second half of 2013. A companion diagnostic that detects the presence of targeted pathways is also in development.

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    • Opportunity Summary

      There is a significant unmet medical need for new products to treat advanced stage melanoma. According to American Cancer Society statistics, 70,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed each year, and almost 10,000 people will die of their disease in the US alone. The market could exceed $3 billion in the US alone. Excusive global rights were licensed from the Penn State Research Foundation. Multiple l patents have been issued or are pending. By focusing on pathways that are becoming resistant to current therapies, Melanovus will seek Orphan Drug status, and fast track review which could lead to an application for a new drug approval in just 3-5 years.

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    • Management Team

      Experienced senior management team with a proven record in discovery, development and commercialization. The leadership team is backed by network of legal, regulatory, reimbursement and manufacturing experts.

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